Materia – MAPS/EDHEA 2022 © Bertrand Emaresi, USEGO, Sierre

Wait and see, wait and see, wait and see.
observe, watch, scan.
Transitory, transform, transfer, dance.
A mise en abyme, abimée.

In Latin language, it defines the physicality of matter.
It can also define wood, like madera in Spanish.
And, at last, it can represent the source, the origin.

A tree, which we imagine as the most terrestrial expression of life,
contains and retains in its carbon flesh a light that comes from elsewhere.
A tree, little extra-terrestrial lights and energy encapsulated in the matter,
As everything of our planet Earth. Extra ordinary. energy is an alien.

Wood lights and energy are materials that nourish and link the dimensions of our life.
Something that needs something else to survive.
Sedimentation and layers.
Staying still. Waiting for it.

Different types of wood form a dialogue with the surrounding landscape.
A cause à effet relationship,
A mise en abyme, abimée.

Three funeral pyres
- old wood of three dominant felled flag poles, lying down the grass.
- industrial wood imported from the four corners of the planet, instable.
- forest pine three wood from the surrounding forest decimated by beetles and bacteria.
Staying still. Waiting to burn, waiting to burn, waiting to burn.

We must be idealists or die says Gustav Metzger.
Method = doing to forgive the anxiety = contradiction = destruction
Transmission ritual, human chain, beautiful hyperlinks that will save us
or is it only a mascarade? Violence!

From a place to another. From solid to liquid to gas.
Is the climate and environmental crisis an ideology?

Can I still trust or believe something when nothing is making sense anymore?
Displacement and adaptation are mandatory.
Atoms, vibrant matter, cosmos.
Life, death, cycles. Waiting for it.


The answer is blowing in the wind – MAPS/EDHEA 2021 © Bertrand Emaresi, at ACT Performance Festival, ARSENIC, Lausanne

The answer is blowing in the wind – Extract – MAPS/EDHEA 2021 © Bertrand Emaresi, at La Villa Moyard, Morges

The answer is blowing in the wind – MAPS/EDHEA 2021 © Bertrand Emaresi, at La Villa Moyard, Morges